In Home Consultation for Custom Cabinets in St George



If you dont have plans dont worry we are here to assist you in the remodel process. Not only do all our designers have tons of experience in the cabinetry industry but we also know many sub contractors in the construction industry so we can get many questions answered for you if we need to move plumbing electrical etc etc.

What to expect.

When you schedule an in home consultation.
Each consultant is capacble of helping you with Layout and design as well as field measuring all areas.

All our Consultants have gone through background checks and have extensive experience in the cabinetry industry.

We will discuss possible options with you, colors, wood species etc.

We love to look at your pinterest and any other ideas you have to help us get into your brain.

Once we have your ideas and our measurements we will draw up a 3-D renderings based on your space. If you would like any changes after you recieve the 3-D renderings let us know and we will make any changes you request.

Once the 3-D and bid come in where you want we will do another meeting in our showroom to pick door styles, colors and options.

Once all of this is approved and the contracts signed off on then we can get the cabinets into process.